What Is Design Thinking And How Can It Help You Enact Change?

How do you realize positive and sustainable change? By better understanding the problems at hand and the people facing them. That’s what makes the design thinking strategy such a natural fit with change management.

To talk about design thinking and how it can be a power for good in your efforts to enact change, Holly Chasan-Young joins me on today’s episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. Holly is the founder and CEO of Wonderbolt Labs and has spent time at Capital One, doing product discovery and design strategy.




Introducing Holly:

Holly’s background (1:16)

Jennifer introduces Holly, who shares her background and philosophy

Using design thinking strategy:

What is design thinking? (5:10)

Holly explains what design thinking strategy is exactly and what it can accomplish.

The human aspect (7:43)

Design thinking pairs beautifully with organizational change, especially in larger organizations. Holly shares why she believes design thinking helps organizational transformation.

The challenges (11:55)

In her experience, Holly believes many companies barrel through a change rather than navigate it purposefully.

Effectively communicating (13:23)

Who addresses and manages change at your organization? Effectively communicating the change and strategy is imperative to having successful change management, according to Holly.

Navigating change with design thinking:

How leaders handled a difficult change (17:07)

With her unique background and experiences, Holly tells Jennifer about a time in which a company faced a difficult change and how the leaders handled it.

Trust (20:05)

Trust is the most essential quality to a successful team, whether the company is struggling or flourishing. Holly dives a little further into how those leaders built trust, despite difficult circumstances.

Implementing change:

How to implement design thinking for growth (21:06)

Holly explains how organizations can implement design thinking’s tools to help them grow and excel.

Survive and Thrive (23:34)

Holly shares three things a leader can do to not just survive change, but thrive in it.