Season 4 Wrap-Up

Season four of the Survive & Thrive podcast brought new guest speakers and tackled some essential topics regarding workforce leadership, the ever-changing professional landscape, company culture, and more. But what key concepts should you take away from this season?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres goes through season four of the podcast and reflects on important messages and lessons within the episodes. Jennifer discussed many topics this season and spoke with various experts on everything regarding companies finding success in the future of work. So tune in to hear some of the most influential pieces of knowledge from Survive & Thrive!

What important knowledge did we cover in Season 4 of Survive & Thrive?

Flexibility and the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many organizational leaders to rethink their operations and allow more flexibility for their workers. Hear Jennifer discuss her interview with Jessica Redford on organizations using technology to become more flexible and meet workforce challenges in 2022.

Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Psychological safety is vital for all members of an organization to feel comfortable, confident, and productive. Season four of the podcast featured several interviews on mental health and psychological safety, and Jennifer shares her thoughts on these topics in this episode.

Mental Health and Avoiding Burnout

Taking measures to maintain your mental health can help you avoid burnout from workforce stressors. Jennifer shares some knowledge from this season’s episodes about how practices like meditation can help with improving one’s mental health.

Diversity and Inclusion

Jennifer’s discussion with Kate Hall covered diversity and inclusion within the workplace and how organizations can make their workspaces more welcoming and humanizing. Hear Jennifer reflect on this and the importance of acceptance and understanding to fuel a positive work environment. 

Making Work a Safe Space

Maintaining an inclusive environment can help the members of an organization thrive and accomplish more together. In episodes 34 and 36 of this season, Jennifer discussed inclusivity and fostering a safe and friendly environment in the workplace for disabled and LGBTQ+ members.

The Importance of Company Culture

Positive company culture can do wonders for an organization and enable it to survive the challenges that may occur in the future of work. Jennifer reflects on episode 18, where she and her guest, Devin Basinger, spoke on the importance of culture in the workplace.

Employee Experience

What does “employee experience” mean, and why is it so important for organizations? Jennifer and guest speaker Jess Podgajny discussed the employee experience, remote work, culture, health, and more in episode 15 of the podcast.  

Health and Workforce Success

While mental health is essential for organizational members to thrive, physical health is just as necessary. Jennifer speaks about the importance of physical health and why it matters for workforce success.

Season Four Final Thoughts

To wrap up the season, Jennifer shares her main takeaway from these recent episodes of Survive and Thrive.