The Power Of People During Times Of Change

You should never underestimate people. But tapping into the power of people during times of change is far easier said than done. Whether you’re building a compelling case for change, creating buy-in from leadership and below, or simply trying to build confidence; managing to drive your people forward takes a deft hand.

Tammie Pinkston, the vice president of organizational change management at ISG, joins Jennifer to discuss the power of people on this week’s episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. With more than 30 years working in change management, Tammie has seen its evolution and what things have continued to work. 


Powerful people:

Introducing Tammie (0:58)

Jennifer introduces Tammie and her experience working together. Tammie shares how she came up in the change management field and why she got into the field. 

Understanding change management (3:52)

As Tammie notes, the field of change management is constantly evolving. That means it can be easy to underestimate the people at the center of the organizational change.

The importance of understanding your people (5:56)

Tammie gives a real-world example of a company that struggled to understand their people and details how important that is to successful change management.

When things go wrong (7:34)

If you don’t take the time upfront to understand your staff and their needs, wants, and concerns; you’re going to pay for it during implementation, according to Tammie.

The processes of change:

The Adkar model (10:57)

Having been in change management for 30-plus years, Tammie has tried a bunch of different models but she keeps coming back to the Adkar model as the foundation.

Future State model (14:47)

Tammie points out a common challenge for most organizations and how the future state model can help people understand their roles and build both their confidence and competence.

What do competence- and confidence-building look like? (15:52)

Tammie gives an example of what building up competence and confidence looks like in the real world.

Connecting and encouraging people (17:55)

Many times, people are feeling friction both psychologically and professionally during a time of change. Tammie discusses the power of working with people and uplifting those that can naturally lead the group.

Creating buy-in:

Creating the compelling case for change (21:24)

Before you can really start a change, you have to build a compelling case to even begin. Tammie explains how people will often fight for tools and processes they hate, simply because they’re familiar and comfortable with them.

Success story (25:54)

Tammie shares an excellent example of a client that wanted to dramatically change their ability to close quickly and how being so clear about the goal helped drive the project forward.

Getting leaders to embrace change (29:35)

Leaders are people too and people get uncomfortable with change. So, what happens when leaders aren’t on board with a change and don’t want to embrace it?

Identifying the impact of changes (34:38)

Pinpointing the impact of changes is an essential skill that is often overlooked or misunderstood. But how do you accurately identify those impacts? Tammie details how she goes about it.


Surviving and thriving (39:14)

Tammie gives her opinion on what businesses need to do to not only survive but thrive in change.