Navigating Inflation While Supporting Company Culture

As we face the financial realities of a potential economic recession, many small businesses are beginning to experience the effects of inflation and economic instability. However, company culture is always essential to company success. Businesses can retain a positive work environment and productive employees even during financial hardship. By cutting costs outside their team, small business leaders can still invest in their teams and experience the results of maintaining a solid and collaborative staff.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres shares ways that small business leaders can navigate inflation without sacrificing company culture. She highlights the many creative ways that small businesses can handle the effects of inflation and what leaders should consider when laying the groundwork for their companies to thrive long-term. Additionally, Jen explains how adopting new modernized business resources can keep companies afloat. She discusses examples such as incorporating artificial intelligence, hiring independent contractors, networking, utilizing a remote or hybrid work model, and more! So tune in to learn more about these valuable strategies that allow teams to succeed for years to come.