Navigating Change Through The Pandemic

The pandemic impacted everyone in some way but education was one of the most affected fields. That was especially the case for Matt Noble, an executive at Education First, who was ready to start a massive new project only to have the pandemic interfere.

Join Jennifer Ayres on this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast as she talks with Matt Noble about his experiences overcoming with the challenges the pandemic threw at him and the lessons learned along the way.




Introducing Matt Noble (1:03)

Matt introduces himself and shares his background.

Change (3:33)

Matt takes us back to the early months of 2020 and how things changed for him and his organization as the pandemic hit close to home.

Overcoming challenges:

Challenges (11:00)

Matt talks about the challenges he faced in the early days of the pandemic. 

Support (13:14)

With internal and external challenges, Matt had to not only support himself but his team in this time of chaos.

Giving room to think (17:41)

Instead of micromanaging his team and dictating to them a solution, Matt says he gave his team the room to explore what the solutions could be, empowering them to rise to the occasion.

Surprises (20:23)

Matt explains the things and people that surprised him throughout this experience.

Pride (24:45)

Out of everything he accomplished during the pandemic, Matt shares the thing he was most proud of.

Thrive (27:08)

Matt shares the three things he believes leaders can do to help their organizations not only survive but thrive in change.