Leading Your Way To Success

In order for an organization to successfully enact change, it has to lean on its leaders to guide the way. A successful leader will be able to overcome their own unique challenges while managing to align all parties towards the common goal, handle resistance to change, and build good change effort. That’s a lot easier said than done.

That’s why we’re proud to welcome Janet Ramey to this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. Janet is a Principal at Sourcing Change where she helps drive transformation by designing, counseling, sourcing, and connecting the talent necessary to drive that change.



Change management for leaders:

Introducing Janet Ramey (1:03)

Jennifer introduces Janet to the podcast, giving her background.

Leading change (2:49)

Having lived and worked across the globe, Janet explains what it’s been like for her to lead change and help leaders do the same.

Challenges leaders face (4:53)

Janet talks about the challenges leaders -- in particular -- face and how they can overcome them.

Successfully leading through change:

Leading through resistance (6:56)

Change can be scary and humans will often have a kneejerk reaction to it, leading to resistance. Janet shares how leaders can help guide their team through that resistance.

Successful leadership (9:49)

Janet tells Jennifer about the times leaders have successfully led their teams through change to a positive outcome.

Getting aligned (12:05)

As Janet notes, you need to have alignment in order for a change to happen, no matter how detailed or effective the plan is on paper. She further explains how you can build that alignment within the organization.

Developing successful change:

Good change effort (14:22)

We’ve heard about the things leaders should and shouldn’t do to guide their teams through change but what does a good change effort actually look like? Janet shares a story to explain.

Stakeholder careabouts (18:33)

Janet explains how she defines the term “stakeholder careabouts” and how it fits into change management.

Identifying and reftifying negative impacts (19:42)

Janet shares her advice on how to recognize and rectify impacts that may be disrupting your team in some way.

Tracking readiness (21:41)

Just because an organization can go through a planned change doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ready for it. Janet provides her thoughts on tracking metrics for a company’s readiness.


How to thrive (25:04)

Janet gives her three pieces of advice for leaders and organizations that want to not just survive but thrive in change.

Final thoughts (28:14)

Janet shares her final thoughts on thriving through change.