Facilitating A Positive Work Culture

Does your workforce have a positive culture? On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she speaks with Devin Basinger, SVP of People and Operations at H1. With his strong background as an operator, strategist, and people leader in entrepreneurial endeavors, Devin has learned how to support positive company culture intentionally and why it matters.

As a leader at a company growing on a global scale, Devin has first-hand experience with the alignment of workforce culture with company values. In this episode, he shares expertise in management and consulting with listeners and explains why prioritizing company values, people culture, and a healthy work environment are essential for leading a successful organization.

Why is Work Culture Important?

Introducing Devin (1:34)

Jennifer introduces Devin, who shares a bit about his professional journey, and his role and achievements working for H1.

Focusing on People (3:46)

Jennifer opens up today's discussion by focusing on the people aspect of Devin's profession. She speaks about the impact of facilitating a workforce culture that aligns with company values.

Prioritizing Values

Company Values Matter (4:40)

COVID has greatly impacted our relationship to work and our priorities. Considering your company's values and how the behaviors you want to see in your workplace map to those values can help you create a more positive future workplace. Devin speaks about the values he prioritizes and how he implements those values to facilitate a healthy work environment.

Scaling Culture (8:40)

Devin and his company understand the reality of how positive culture is vital to a company. Furthermore, he elaborates on how imperative culture is and why it is essential to intentionally work on creating the right workforce culture.

Integrating New Cultures (14:14)

Every culture is different, and as younger generations move into the workforce, we may see that the prioritization of cultural fit increases. Finding the right cultural fit is about what you want your company to embrace regarding the behaviors and outcomes that leaders want to see. Devin shares his thoughts about hiring candidates while prioritizing workforce culture and how company culture played a role in his company's global expansion.

Remote Work's Impact on Work Culture (18:22)

Devin explains how remote work structures have impacted workforces, building a positive and respectful workforce culture, and the importance of conducting intentional culture work.

Experiences and Influencers (20:08)

Jennifer and Devin met while working on a project around change management. He describes how this and his other early experiences have influenced his perspective on culture and made him aware of the impact that positive change management could have on an organization and leadership's role in this process.

Managing Change

Change Management and Culture (22:33)

Devin explains the challenges that came with his company's workforce expansion and how the importance and value he contributes to this company changed as his company developed and grew.

Learning First Hand (26:24)

Devin shares how he not only learned the importance of culture work but also figured out how to do it effectively in a growing company.

Closing Thoughts (30:00)

To conclude this episode, Jen asks Devin to share the advice he would provide to leaders embracing cultural work for the first time.