Employee Experience And The Future Of Work

How impactful is employee experience when it comes to the overall success of your organization? On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she chats with her partner at Concinnity, Lisa Insley, about the employee experience and how it relates to the future of work.

Lisa Insley specializes in Human Experience and Digital Transformation for Concinnity. She is an experienced leader in the digital space with expertise in developing strategies and team processes to deliver superior business outcomes. In this episode, Lisa provides her expert opinion on the employee experience, its relation to company culture, and how organizations can take steps to improve and support their workforce.

Why is Employee Experience Important?

Introducing Lisa (0:44)

Jennifer introduces her partner Lisa Insley, to continue to expand the conversation around the employee experience as it relates to the future of work. Jen then has Lisa provide her own definition of an employee experience and what it means to her.

Why Employee Experience Matters (3:08)

The satisfaction of a workforce and a more positive employee experience is proven to make an impact on the ability of your organization to be successful. Jennifer and Lisa discuss why employee experience matters for companies and organizations.

Company Culture and Principals

Employee Experience and Company Culture (4:35)

Workforce and company culture is an integral part of determining an employee's experience and positively impacting the success of the workforce. Lisa explains company culture's relation to employee experience and why it is easier for organizations to give their workforce a positive experience when they communicate a clear set of leading principles and values.

A Beneficial Investment (6:38)

A report by Gartner showed that employers who support the overall wellbeing of their employees see a 21% increase in their number of high performers. When members of a workforce feel supported, this facilitates a greater sense of overall wellbeing. Jennifer and Lisa discuss how organizations can invest in their staff by being intentional about their culture and promoting a positive employee experience.

Leverage Feedback (8:09)

Jennifer asks Lisa how organizations should consider methods for improving their culture and employee experience. Lisa explains that the first thing that organizations can do is figure out where they are in terms of employee sentiment and employee engagement. There are many methods for leaders to gain feedback from the employees on engagement and their employee experience, giving them a good sense of direction for moving forward.

Intentionally Articulate Company Culture (12:20)

To support a positive employee experience, organizations should articulate their company culture in their values and the way they engage with their staff. Being intentional in communicating company culture to your staff helps to make your organization's principles and desired behaviors clear, aligned, and well articulated among your workforce.

Conduct Assessments (14:47)

By gaining a sense of where they are as an organization and providing feedback assessments to staff, organizational team leaders can measure their progress and make changes to ensure that their workforce is moving in the right direction. As a special promotion for our listeners, Survive & Thrive is offering a 20% discount for the Concinnity Assessment. This assessment is conducted specifically to help organizations determine where they are regarding their employee experience and how they should adapt. Interested listeners can send an email to hello@concinnityus.com and mention this podcast to get a 20% discount on the assessment.

Individuals Making a Change

Advice for Individuals (16:17)

So, how can individual leaders create a positive employee experience for their workforce teams? Lisa explains how individual leaders can support their staff members by practicing flexibility and trust when responding to their needs while also staying within the company's policies and guidelines.

Flexibility and Empathy in Leadership (18:52)

As Jen provides her final thoughts on this episode, she cites flexibility and empathy in leadership and the workforce as key factors for the journey toward a positive employee experience and healthy work culture.