Creating A Recession-Resistant Culture

Last week’s podcast episode discussed why facilitating a healthy company culture can make your business more resistant throughout an economic recession. And with a potential recession looming, leaders must act now to support their teams and reach solutions. So, what are some tangible ways for workforce leaders to improve their workplace culture during financial uncertainty?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres shares cost-effective ways for leaders to support their company culture throughout a recession. A healthy culture can prevent burnout, improve employee morale, and increase productivity even in challenging economic times. Jen explains how encouraging employees to take time off and recognizing their accomplishments shows that you value their contributions. Furthermore, ongoing training, mentorship programs, and promotion opportunities will empower your team and foster a culture of feedback and development. Finally, she explains the benefits of flexible schedules and 4-day workweeks for reducing costs, increasing employee engagement, and supporting a positive workplace culture.