Change Management: Building The Case For Change

In order to start enacting change, you have to build the case for change. No matter if it’s a positive or negative change, a small or large company, or anything in between; doing a little initial homework can put the right wheels in motion. In the first episode of Season 2, Jennifer Ayres is joined by Lisa Insley, a partner at Concinnity to discuss how leaders can build the case for change and start guiding an organization through it.



Listen to Jennifer and Lisa talk about building a case for change:

Lisa Insley introduction

Leading an organization through change (2:55)

A large amount of Lisa’s career has been at times of great change. She shares what she’s learned along the way, including a specific example of a company that made big changes the right way.

How to build a case for change (6:39)

Lisa believes there are a few things you must have to make a truly compelling case for change. It all starts with identifying the core problem at hand and how it impacts people. Jennifer and Lisa walk us through examples of businesses seeing the positive and negative sides of change.

Improving effort through change (17:03)

As Lisa points out, when people feel heard and believe there’s an earnest effort, they tend to have more buy-in. Jennifer and Lisa talk about how empathy plays a major role when building a case for change.

Transparency and healthy urgency (19:36)

For any company thinking of enacting some type of large change, Lisa believes you need to be transparent about what’s happening and why in order to build much-needed trust throughout the process. She also thinks having a healthy sense of urgency helps to stop the organization from jumping ahead with the wrong ideas.