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Investing In Workplace Culture

May 30, 2023

A healthy workplace culture is vital for a business’s success. However, leadership staff must possess the resources necessary to guide their teams to meet the organization’s objectives. That said, companies can create a positive workplace culture by investing in support for their managerial staff so that they can lead their teams on the path to success.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres discusses the impact of support for managers and staff on creating a healthy workplace culture. She dives into topics like the need for intentional culture shaping at a...

Supporting Management Staff

May 16, 2023

Creating a positive working environment is essential for supporting a team of engaged and productive employees. However, many leaders fail to recognize the importance of uplifting their management staff and providing them with the right resources to facilitate a healthy work culture for all. So how can leaders support their management staff through communication and connection?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres shares how organizational leaders can uplift their management staff. Within the episode, Jen discusses how practices like maintaining open...

Community Initiatives And Company Culture

May 2, 2023

Incorporating gratitude within your business model can positively impact your company's spirit and work culture. But while giving back to your organization can enhance your team members' connection to purpose within the workplace, connecting your company to the community can also motivate and inspire your employees to further improve your company culture and brand.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres shares how organizational leaders can work with their local community to help enhance their culture and build their brand. Today businesses and organizations...

Navigating Inflation While Supporting Company Culture

Apr 18, 2023

As we face the financial realities of a potential economic recession, many small businesses are beginning to experience the effects of inflation and economic instability. However, company culture is always essential to company success. Businesses can retain a positive work environment and productive employees even during financial hardship. By cutting costs outside their team, small business leaders can still invest in their teams and experience the results of maintaining a solid and collaborative staff.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres shares ways that...

Creating A Recession-Resistant Culture

Apr 4, 2023

Last week’s podcast episode discussed why facilitating a healthy company culture can make your business more resistant throughout an economic recession. And with a potential recession looming, leaders must act now to support their teams and reach solutions. So, what are some tangible ways for workforce leaders to improve their workplace culture during financial uncertainty?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres shares cost-effective ways for leaders to support their company culture throughout a recession. A healthy culture can prevent burnout, improve employee...

Prioritizing Company Culture Amid Economic Downturns

Mar 21, 2023

Company culture is key to surviving an economic downturn, and with a potential recession on the horizon, leaders must adjust their practices to ensure their teams can thrive. So how can leaders place focus on culture to prime their organization for future success?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres discusses how leaders can support their organizations by creating positive change in their company culture. To ensure business survival during a recession, leaders must focus on the people within the organization and strengthen the connections and culture among...

Disability Inclusion In The Workplace

Mar 7, 2023

Hiring employees with impairments can be advantageous to a business, and according to USA Today, 25% of job seekers and current team members have a disability. So how can organizations practice a human-centric approach to leadership and support all of their staff members to succeed by promoting disability inclusion in the workplace?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres discusses how employees with disabilities can be incredible assets to a company and workplace culture. She explains how leaders can focus on diversity inclusion to improve their organization...

Automating Your Onboarding

Feb 21, 2023

Work automation technology is gaining popularity across the business landscape and is known for saving people time and work. However, automated technology can also enable organizations to improve their company culture. Automated hiring systems are an example of this, as these solutions can be advantageous in onboarding new staff and building a better company culture among existing staff members.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres shares the benefits of automating your hiring process and discusses how this practice can boost your company culture. From...

Cultivating Connections

Feb 7, 2023

Encouraging a sense of belonging at work among employees can lead to higher retention, engagement, and profits. One way for leaders to achieve this is by leveraging pride. When workers feel connected to their organization’s core values and mission, this pride can drive them to greater success. Therefore by using internal communication to express the company’s vision, leaders can help their team members feel connected to their work, team, and overall organization.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres speaks on how leaders can cultivate connections between...

The Importance Of Belonging In The Workplace

Jan 24, 2023

To achieve a sense of belonging within an organization, a person must feel seen, connected, supported, and proud. This can bring many advantages to the organization's success through employee engagement, performance, and other beneficial factors. However, with so many teams now leading remote workers or staff with hybrid schedules cultivating connections among dispersed members isn't always easy. So how can leaders build an environment on connection to create a culture of belonging for their organizational members?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres...

Recognize, Reward, Repeat: Motivating Through Recognition

Jan 10, 2023

Every organizational leader is looking for ways to increase their team's motivation, engagement, and overall productivity. But could the missing component to drive workforce success be applying leadership that encourages productivity and achievement through recognition?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres is joined by guest Steve Van Valon, Partner with Concinnity and author of "The Search for Meaning at Work." Steve has built his career working with business leaders to support healthy, high-performance cultures through engaging leadership. Steve and...

Building Your Business With Gratitude

Dec 27, 2022

Every business leader wishes to see improvements in their organization. Increased productivity and employee retention rates are some examples of positive performance indicators that businesses strive for. But what if the trick to experiencing new signs of positive change in the future starts with displaying gratitude and appreciation today?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she discusses how business leaders can foster gratitude in the workplace. In this show, Jennifer explains how creating a healthy culture from the ground up and incorporating...

Culture Reimagined

Dec 13, 2022

Culture is integral to the success of an organization, and leaders should strive to build their businesses with culture in mind. But by reimagining ways to introduce, implement, and facilitate a work culture, leaders can better promote a beneficial culture that enables their organization to persevere and thrive. But what is culture reimagined exactly?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she kicks off season five by discussing how leaders can reimagine their work culture to implement positive change within their organizations. She explains why company...

Season 5 Trailer

Nov 28, 2022

Work Culture defines more than just the organization ‘vibe’, it determines how successful teams will be working together.

Work Culture is powerful. Let’s learn to harness it.

How do you create a positive impact on work culture? On the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres delves into ways to facilitate change in your organization for conscious work culture and leadership.

With over 20 years of advising leaders of larger and small organizations on realizing business results leading their teams through change and a healthy work culture, change management and transformation under...

Where are We?

Oct 5, 2022

Welcome back to Survive & Thrive podcast. Are you wondering where we are today? Well, we're doing a lot of work behind the scenes to get ready for our next season. We've had some really interesting feedback over the last four seasons and we're gearing up to bring you some special content in season five. So stay tuned. We'll be returning in early November. And until then, we'll be republishing some of our highlights and featured hits. Ciao!

Season 4 Wrap-Up

Sep 27, 2022

Season four of the Survive & Thrive podcast brought new guest speakers and tackled some essential topics regarding workforce leadership, the ever-changing professional landscape, company culture, and more. But what key concepts should you take away from this season?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres goes through season four of the podcast and reflects on important messages and lessons within the episodes. Jennifer discussed many topics this season and spoke with various experts on everything regarding companies finding success in the future of work. So...

Inclusivity Toward LGBTQ+ Members In The Workplace

Sep 20, 2022

Psychological safety is vital for all individuals to thrive in the workplace, but for members of communities that frequently experience harassment, practicing inclusivity is especially important. LGBTQ+ members can find relief in an inclusive and self-aware work environment. So how can leaders create an inclusive environment for their workers?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres discusses some best practices to ensure that our companies and their cultures are inclusive. This includes practices like communicating acceptance through company values, using...

“How To Win Friends And Influence People” As A Workforce Leader

Sep 13, 2022

The book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie focuses on ways to generate positive relationships with others, to teach the practice of dealing with people and communicating with them effectively. So how can a book originally written in the 1930s help leaders improve their relationships and communication methods to help their teams thrive in the modern workforce?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres discusses how lessons in communication, leadership, and people management can be timeless tools for leading workforce teams to success. In...

Change Management For Disability Inclusion

Sep 6, 2022

While physical or mental impairments are common among Americans, many employees do not feel comfortable disclosing their disabilities to their managers, which can cause detriment to the employees and the organization itself. However, organizational leaders can promote disability inclusion in the workplace by taking a human-centric approach to thoughtful change management.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres discusses how leaders can use change management to promote disability inclusion in the workplace. By supporting staff members with disabilities through...

Company Culture And Organizational Success

Aug 30, 2022

Workforce leaders are responsible for managing their teams to carry out their tasks and achieve business goals. However, promoting a company culture focused on empathy, flexibility, and change management can help your team stay satisfied in their positions and united in the face of challenges. So how can leaders make changes to facilitate a more positive company culture?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres is joined by guest Kate Hall to speak about company culture and leadership. Kate is a project leader primarily focused on change management at SingleStone...

Leadership And Mental Health Management

Aug 23, 2022

Burnout affects many people throughout their careers, leading to the question, how can people move on from the psychological effects of work stress? While burnout can be challenging to manage, business leaders may be able to implement changes that will support their staff and themselves in recovering from and steering clear of burnout. With the right practices, teams can become more likely to succeed with improved mental health and a mindset optimized for transformative growth.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres speaks about ways leaders can boost their...

Mental Health And Burnout

Aug 16, 2022

Mental health is not always discussed openly in the business and the workplace. However, failure to appropriately manage mental barriers and stressors in professional settings can make it challenging to overcome them. Instead, people should be open about these topics and view these experiences as inspiration to drive growth and positive transformation. So how should leaders address struggles with mental health to benefit their entrepreneurial endeavors?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres speaks about mental health in the workplace and how one can...

Female Entrepreneurs - Mental Health, Motherhood And More

Aug 9, 2022

Women have come a long way in the business world, but female entrepreneurs still face their own unique set of obstacles. As an increased number of women have turned to entrepreneurship in recent years, many still experience more challenges than male entrepreneurs. In addition, sexism against women in business still exists, with women of color especially facing discrimination, and the decision to have children can pose additional career obstacles for female entrepreneurs. So how can women manage their businesses to survive through these challenges?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive...

A Mindset For Success

Aug 2, 2022

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must put effort into your work - and yourself. Symptoms of poor mental health like burnout and stress can cause harmful effects in other areas of life, like their physical health, relationships, and even business pursuits. Leaders and team members alike rely on their mental well-being to support them and their overall progression through life. So, how can people maintain their mental health to support their entrepreneurial success?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres is joined by guest Lance Knaub. Lance is currently the...

Inside Out Leadership And Ethical Entrepreneurship

Jul 26, 2022

What does "purpose" mean for your company, your employees, and yourself? This is important as purpose is a necessary component of inside-out leadership. This purpose-driven leadership style can only occur when leaders understand and leverage their personal purpose and passions to guide their team and organization. By recognizing and aligning with their values, leaders can see great benefits for their organizations.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres talks about inside-out leadership and how leaders can embrace their true purpose to improve their...

How Leaders Can Transform Company Culture With Gratitude

Jul 19, 2022

Company culture is a fundamental aspect of an organization, and promoting an attitude of gratitude among staff members can strengthen workplace culture and improve factors like productivity, retention, innovation, and more. Company culture is made up of the social aspects that define an organization, being the unique set of values, attitudes, behaviors, and practices shared by its members. So how can leaders incorporate gratitude into their company culture to positively impact their organization? 

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres discusses the importance...

Cultivating The Employee/Employer Relationship

Jul 12, 2022

As more and more workers are leaving jobs that fail to provide them with a sense of meaning, it is more important than ever for leaders to appropriately assess what employees need to feel connected and fulfilled in the workplace. Data shows that when leaders build interpersonal relationships with their employees, they demonstrate an overall human-centric approach to leadership that contributes to feelings of connection and engagement from their staff.  

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres speaks on how cultivating the employer/employee relationship can give...

The Importance Of Purpose In Leadership

Jul 5, 2022

The pursuit and fulfillment of one's life purpose can significantly impact many areas of their life, especially for those in leadership roles. So how does such a personal aspect affect the success of leaders in business and organizational settings?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres is joined by guest Robb Holman, CEO of global leadership consultancy Holman International. Robb has leadership expertise as an executive coach, global keynote speaker, best-selling author of three leadership books, and host of his podcast "Inside Out Leadership." Together, Robb...

Technology And The Employee Experience

Jun 28, 2022

Supporting a positive employee experience can provide various benefits for the success of staff members and their organizations. But, with new workforce and enterprise software solutions constantly being introduced to work environments, how does implementing this technology affect the employee experience?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she speaks on the importance of new technology for supporting the employee experience. While technological advancements are often adopted to improve work productivity, business leaders can also utilize these...

The New Grad Employee Experience

Jun 21, 2022

It is an undeniable fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has left lasting effects on the landscape of work and altered workforce leadership practices in years to come. So what can organizational leaders do to ease the transition for the next generation of workers? As recent graduates enter the post-pandemic labor pool, organizations may need to implement new strategies to support the employee experience for the future workforce.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she discusses the employee experience for new graduates entering the post-pandemic workforce...

The Impact Of Physical Space On Work

Jun 14, 2022

How can we improve our office space to benefit the employee experience, especially as many workers are taking on a hybrid or remote work structure? Now that people with remote or hybrid work structures have more flexibility on whether they go into the office and when they go in, employees will likely be more intentional about what work environments are attractive to them.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she focuses on how our physical workspace can impact our productivity, wellness, and more. After all, it is unknown whether there will even be...

Employee Experience And The Future Of Work

Jun 7, 2022

How impactful is employee experience when it comes to the overall success of your organization? On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she chats with her partner at Concinnity, Lisa Insley, about the employee experience and how it relates to the future of work.

Lisa Insley specializes in Human Experience and Digital Transformation for Concinnity. She is an experienced leader in the digital space with expertise in developing strategies and team processes to deliver superior business outcomes. In this episode, Lisa provides her expert opinion on the...

The Future Of Work In The Warehousing Industry

May 31, 2022

The warehousing industry has seen significant growth in recent years, and now with just the click of a button, you can have most items on your doorstep faster than ever. In addition, due to the growing popularity of retail structures, many changes have been implemented within the warehousing industry to refine and improve work processes. So, what can we learn from this industry, and how can you prepare your teams for the changes that it will soon face?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she discusses the warehousing industry and how it serves as an...

The Search For Purpose At Work

May 24, 2022

Everyone desires to fulfill their life purpose. As workers spend a lot of their time at their jobs, it can be challenging for them to find the time to pursue their purpose outside of the workplace. Fortunately,  there are ways that organizational leaders can help their staff members achieve a sense of purpose within their professions, and reap the benefits that this can provide. So how can you support your staff members in their search for purpose at work?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she discusses the ways that leaders can support their staff...

Facilitating A Positive Work Culture

May 17, 2022

Does your workforce have a positive culture? On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she speaks with Devin Basinger, SVP of People and Operations at H1. With his strong background as an operator, strategist, and people leader in entrepreneurial endeavors, Devin has learned how to support positive company culture intentionally and why it matters.

As a leader at a company growing on a global scale, Devin has first-hand experience with the alignment of workforce culture with company values. In this episode, he shares expertise in management and consulting...

How To Improve Diversity In The Tech Industry

May 10, 2022

Improving diversity in the workforce is a work in progress for many industries, especially in the high-tech sector. Unfortunately, studies and statistics prove that the technology industry has a serious problem with workforce diversity, with vastly uneven employment rates for underrepresented members. This, along with unfair wage gaps for underrepresented individuals, can create damaging power and privilege imbalances in the workplace. So why is this such a significant issue for the tech sector, and what can be done to resolve it?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host...

Why Employee Experience Matters And How To Improve It

May 3, 2022

Employee experience has become a hot-button topic recently, and for good reason. With study after study showing a positive employee experience and company culture leads to improved employee retention, easier recruiting, and even boosted production; it’s no wonder why it’s on everyone’s mind. But do you really know what employee experience means and how to ensure you have a good one? If not, you’re really missing out. 

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she explains what encompasses the employee experience, why it should matter to leaders and...

Personalizing The Employee Experience

Apr 26, 2022

Like it or not, employment has changed over the course of the pandemic. Employees have been given a taste of flexibility and they aren’t eager to give it up. However, that shift in thinking toward the employee experience can be incredibly powerful for both employees and employers, if used correctly.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres is joined by special return guest Jess Podgajny. You might remember Jess from the first season but she’s the founder and CEO of Lluna, a company dedicated to empowering teams through flexibility. Jennifer and Jess talk about...

HR Trends: Reimagining Human Resources For The Future Of Work

Apr 19, 2022

Now that we’re slowly entering a post-pandemic world, we need HR to reflect what we’ve learned. Whether it’s a focus on the “human” part of Human Resources or the evolution we’ve seen in recruitment and employee retention, some HR trends are here to stay.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she takes a closer look at the HR trends that must be incorporated in the future of work. From mental health initiatives and health & safety to a need for agility and creativity, human resources has an opportunity to refocus, automate, and update to become a...

Workforce Development Strategies: How To Level Up Your Workers And Business

Apr 12, 2022

While the last few years have taught us a rigid plan can be problematic in times of great change, scrambling to create a plan under pressure isn’t great either. With “The Great Resignation” in full swing, it’s clear organizations can benefit from effective workforce development strategies now more than ever. 

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayres takes a closer look at workforce development, including what it encompasses, how to define your workforce goals, and how to incorporate strategies that will not only improve the lives of those you employees but your...

Upskilling Your Workforce

Apr 5, 2022

The Great Resignation has taught us that it isn’t quite as simple as hiring new employees to replace those that leave or fill skill gaps. Instead of trying to find the right outside candidate that has all the skills you require, upskilling your existing workforce could be the answer.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, we’re diving into upskilling. From how it can help your bottom line to the ways it boosts morale and employee retention, upskilling -- and reskilling -- can save you time, money, and a lot of future headaches. We’ll continue to give you the tools necessary to not...

How to Cultivate a Psychologically Safe Work Environment

Mar 29, 2022

Do your employees feel psychologically safe at work? On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she chats with Dr. Amber Tichenor, CEO of TO BE Coaching + Consulting. With over 20 years in organizational strategy and consulting, Amber is well versed in helping leaders cultivate a healthy work environment. She has also done extensive research on rivalry between women in the workplace.

With her background and research, Amber discusses how to identify and navigate this rivalry, as well as how to approach the organization about it. She breaks down how work...

Employee Well-Being And Wellness: What Are They And Why Do They Matter?

Mar 22, 2022

As a leader, it can be difficult to find the time to think about the mental, emotional, and physical struggles your staff is facing every day. However, not thinking about your employee well-being and wellness programs could be impacting your bottom line and making your life harder.

Join host Jennifer Ayres on this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast as she discusses the difference between employee well-being and wellness and looks at the influence employee wellness and well-being programs have on important areas like attendance, productivity, staff turnover, and even the culture within...

How To Build Culture In A Hybrid Working Model

Mar 15, 2022

Workers want a hybrid work model, which means how you establish and maintain your organization’s culture is evolving. On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, join host Jennifer Ayres as she looks at how you can foster an inclusive culture in a hybrid work model.

Jennifer looks at the most recent data and surveys that point to this workplace evolution. She details how things like empathy, dedication, creativity, and a sense of belonging should factor into your organization’s culture. From the hiring process to building community groups, this episode will teach you how you can...

How To Effectively Manage The Future Of Work

Mar 8, 2022

Being able to manage and adapt to changes can be the difference between your organization simply surviving or thriving. If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that these changes are often unexpected and happen quickly, making effective change management even more important than you might have thought before. But as we see light at the end of that tunnel, what is change management’s role within the future of work?

That’s what we’re discussing on this week’s episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. Join host Jennifer Ayres as she explores where we’ve come with our workforce...

Building And Embracing The New, Flexible Workplace

Mar 1, 2022

As we continue our look at the “Future of Work,” the workplace remains a hot-button topic for many. More and more, studies have found that flexibility is what’s desired most from employees but how can organizations make that pivot successfully? 

Join hosts Jennifer Ayres and Lisa Insley as they talk with special guest Luke Thomas about the role technology will play in even the smallest aspects of the “Future of Work.” Luke has unique insights into remote working environments as the founder and CEO of Friday, a company offering a digital headquarters for company communications.

Workplace Inclusion: What Does It Look Like And How Does It Help?

Feb 22, 2022

Workplace inclusion was a hot topic in 2021 and it’s only becoming hotter in 2022. As prospective candidates focus more on looking for organizations that match their ideals, concepts like workplace inclusion is topping the list. However, it’s important we examine if we’re actually accomplishing anything as we get started in 2022. 

That’s precisely what host Jennifer Ayres looks at on this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. Join Jennifer as she explains what an inclusive workplace is, what it looks like, and how it’s beneficial for both employees and employers.

The Future Of Work: Flexibility

Feb 15, 2022

One of the biggest “Future of Work” questions facing employers around the world is how their employees will be working. There has been much discussion about remote work but the verdict appears to be in. According to several studies, workers want flexibility.

On this special episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres is joined by Concinnity partner Lisa Insley to discuss exactly what those studies found and how flexibility is at the root of it all. Whether it’s benefits, schedule, or location; employees have gotten a taste of flexibility and don’t want to give it back. 

The Future Of Work: Flexibility

Feb 15, 2022

One of the biggest “Future of Work” questions facing employers around the world is how their employees will be working. There has been much discussion about remote work but the verdict appears to be in. According to several studies, workers want flexibility.

On this special episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres is joined by Concinnity partner Lisa Insley to discuss exactly what those studies found and how flexibility is at the root of it all. Whether it’s benefits, schedule, or location; employees have gotten a taste of flexibility and don’t want to give it back. 

What Is Workforce Automation And Why Should You Care?

Feb 8, 2022

On this week’s episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres takes a closer look at workforce automation as a part of our ongoing series about the future of work. 

When people think of the word “automation,” robots and heavy machinery come to mind. But it might surprise you just how many daily workforce tasks can be aided or simplified by automation. With rapid advancements in recent years and a global pandemic putting new technology and processes at the forefront of our minds, workforce automation is something you need to be thinking about.

Jennifer explores how workforce...

How A Simple "Thank You" Can Boost Employee Retention

Feb 1, 2022

The pandemic has dramatically impacted business and our everyday lives. "The Great Resignation" as it's been frequently called has seen millions of workers voluntarily leave their jobs, leaving organizations scrambling. As we continue our discussion about the future of work, it's time to think about employee retention and engagement in more interesting ways.

On this episode of Survive & Thrive, host Jennifer Ayres discusses the need for rewards and recognition. By not recognizing your team, you might be driving them toward the door, which is likely the last thing you want. Jennifer goes...

Remote Work: What Will The Future Look Like?

Jan 25, 2022

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayres takes you into the intricacies of remote work. She looks at remote work’s beginnings roughly a decade ago, how the present is coping with the sudden need to be remote overnight, and how the pandemic’s impact on remote work might carry into the future.

If you’re struggling to keep up with the rapid changes in how and where work happens, this episode will teach you how workplaces have evolved over the years and help you get ahead of the shift to hybrid and fully-remote work cultures that might be the future.

The Evolving Workplace: Building Something Better

Jan 18, 2022

The pandemic has changed how we work. As organizations adapt to a continuing pandemic, there needs to be thought put into how the workplace adapts with it. Hybrid and fully-remote workplaces are becoming more commonplace but organizations shouldn’t settle for replicating what they previously had. Instead, they need to think ahead and use this as an opportunity to build something better.

To kick off season 4 of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jessica Radford joins Jennifer Ayres to talk about the evolving workplace. Jessica is the Talent Acquisition Lead for consulting firm Slalom, giving her...

Season 4 Trailer

Jan 11, 2022

It's nearly time for Season 4 of the Survive & Thrive podcast -- a podcast that brings you stories and perspective on how in change times, leaders and organizations can not only transform to survive, but thrive.

This season, we're taking a closer look at the future of work. What will work actually look like in 6 months? A year? 5 years? 10 years? We'll be diving into topics like the hybrid work model, creating a sense of belonging, remote culture, diversity in the workplace, and so much more. With insights from experts in their respective fields, we'll explore how the future of work is...

Season 3 Wrap-up: Change Management

Jan 4, 2022

It’s the end of Season 3 of the Survive & Thrive podcast, which means it’s time to look back at what we learned. This season was all about change management -- Its role in an organization, why it’s necessary, and the impact it can have when done effectively.

In this episode, host Jennifer Ayres takes a look back through the season at her discussions with guests about change management. From a change management definition and goals to how your people will impact change management processes, it’s an in-depth look at what makes effective change management work.

Redefining Success Heading Into 2022

Dec 29, 2021

As we wrap up the third season of the Survive & Thrive podcast and we head into a new year, it's important to look at how we define success. The last couple of years have forced everyone to reflect on what's truly important, bringing a shift in priorities for many. That means we, as a society, should reexamine our definition of success.

On this week's episode, Jennifer Ayres shares her thoughts on success, especially as it relates to your own happiness and satisfaction. Jennifer also shares her own personal goals and what she feels she needs to be successful.

Navigating Change Through The Pandemic

Dec 21, 2021

The pandemic impacted everyone in some way but education was one of the most affected fields. That was especially the case for Matt Noble, an executive at Education First, who was ready to start a massive new project only to have the pandemic interfere.

Join Jennifer Ayres on this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast as she talks with Matt Noble about his experiences overcoming with the challenges the pandemic threw at him and the lessons learned along the way.

Leading Your Way To Success

Dec 14, 2021

In order for an organization to successfully enact change, it has to lean on its leaders to guide the way. A successful leader will be able to overcome their own unique challenges while managing to align all parties towards the common goal, handle resistance to change, and build good change effort. That’s a lot easier said than done.

That’s why we’re proud to welcome Janet Ramey to this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. Janet is a Principal at Sourcing Change where she helps drive transformation by designing, counseling, sourcing, and connecting the talent necessary to drive that...

Leading Through Change

Dec 7, 2021


Change starts at the top and works its way down. That’s why organizations need leaders who can effectively and efficiently guide their teams through changes. From showing empathy and building a great culture to handling resistance to change, your successes and challenges are likely defined by your leadership.

To talk more about the importance of supporting leaders in an organization, Maria Janošíková joins us on this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. Maria is a change management professional at Johnson & Johnson and has extensive experience in the industry, working across the...

Marrying Technology And People In Business

Nov 30, 2021

The pandemic caused technology to advance a massive amount in a short period of time as organizations and people continued marching forward. While those advancements have created new work-from-home opportunities, it has made connecting with one another a lot tougher. So, how do we manage to put some more humanity back into a workplace that is becoming more independent and divided than ever before?

Grant Riewe joins Jennifer Ayres and Samantha Collins on this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast to discuss how humanity and technology have to evolve in this new era of hybrid workforces.

How Gratitude Impacts You, Your Team, and Your Business

Nov 23, 2021

Now is the week of gratitude. For this special Thanksgiving episode, we chat about the social and emotional benefits of practicing gratitude. We cover what the research says and why gratitude is so important. Not only does gratitude impact you tremendously, but it can also bolster healthy relationships and overall work environment. Listen to the episode to learn more about ways you can show your gratitude this holiday season.  

Managing M&As: The Human Side Of Mergers And Acquisitions

Nov 16, 2021

Mergers and acquisitions come with a ton of unique challenges and changes that must be planned for and well-executed in order to be successful. However, while most focus on the financial side of things, the human element of M&As can’t be ignored either.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, we’re joined by Melanie Payne, the CFO at Syniti. Melanie has been one of my favorite people to go to when I’m stuck with a complex challenge. With a wealth of experience and insight, Melanie is the perfect person to talk about managing a M&A.

How The Automotive Industry Has Survived And Thrived Massive Changes

Nov 9, 2021

Every single industry was touched in some way by COVID-19. But few industries have seen as much upheaval and change as the automotive industry has over just the last two decades. What is it about that industry that has allowed them to quickly adapt and pivot as needed to not just survive but actually thrive?

On this week’s episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, we’re joined by Ryan Gerardi, who has an extensive background in the automotive industry and is now a thought leader within the mobility tech and connectivity space. Ryan shares some of his experience working within the auto...

Using Core Values To Find The Heart Of A Business

Nov 2, 2021

The heart of a business sounds like an abstract idea at first glance. But with employees leaving companies in droves as they search for purpose and meaningful work, knowing the core values and the heart of your business is more critical than ever.

Joining the Survive & Thrive podcast this week is Sasha Lund. You might know her from her podcast “Legacy Talks” but she’s also the founder and CEO of Core Values Consulting. What better guest to have on to talk about finding and implementing core values and the heart of a business. Sasha explains how core values are important and ways...

How Organizations Can Embrace The Changing Future Of Work

Oct 26, 2021

The term “Future Of Work” is nothing new. However, the pandemic has accelerated timelines and brought about new realities that must be faced in order to not just survive but thrive. 

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer discusses what areas have seen the biggest cultural shifts, as employees rethink the traditional work model. She guides leaders on the ways to proactively embrace the new future of work, developing happier and healthier teams along the way.

Navigating Change And Thriving Through Effective Leadership

Oct 19, 2021

Organizational leaders can be the driving force behind effective change. They can improve employee engagement and navigate a team through difficult change. However, with new working environments, leaders have to double down on building and maintaining relationships with their team members.

Peter Hess joins Jennifer on the Survive & Thrive podcast to discuss the importance of leadership on change and how leaders can be more effective.

Using Internal Podcasts To Drive Change And Improve Culture

Oct 12, 2021

On the Survive & Thrive podcast, we always talk about ways organizations can drive meaningful and sustainable change. But how do you actually implement those strategies and get the relevant information in front of your staff in a consistent and engaging way? For many organizations, internal podcasts have been the way.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer sits down with John Luckenbaugh and Matthew Stevens of My Podcast Agency -- the group that produces this very podcast -- to discuss how brand podcasts can be essential tools for change. Matt and John break down what an...

Managing Return To Work Anxiety By Building A Sense Of Belonging

Oct 5, 2021

On this special episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Steve Van Valin joins Jennifer Ayres to discuss the growing anxiety about returning to work and how to combat that.

Businesses are still figuring out what the work structure even looks like as the pandemic continues on and that’s making both leaders and staff anxious. Whether your return to work is truly returning to the office, fully remote and flexible, or a hybrid work structure; knowing how to effectively communicate with your employees as the evolution of the workplace continues.

Steve is the CEO and founder of Culturology, a...

Building Empathy And Resilience With Positive Psychology

Sep 28, 2021

Empathy, resilience, and positivity are some of the foundational elements to building engagement and setting up success as a leader and organization. However, not every organization or leader truly values those three elements in the way they should. So, how do you build them into your change initiative, your business model, and your everyday life?

On this week’s episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayres sits down with Rachana Bhide to discuss the organizational psychology behind building engagement. With her background in consulting and media, including working at Bloomberg...

The Power Of Employee Engagement On Your Business

Sep 21, 2021

Only 36% of employees say they’re engaged in the workplace and it’s costing U.S. companies between $450 Billion - $550 Billion annually. It’s an area organizations need to improve upon immediately but how do they even get started, much less get buy-in throughout the entire organization?

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer is joined by Houdad Javidnia to discuss the importance of employee engagement on your business and ways you can begin to improve it right now. 

Houdad comes to the Survive & Thrive podcast with a wealth of experience in this field, having worked at...

What Is Design Thinking And How Can It Help You Enact Change?

Sep 14, 2021

How do you realize positive and sustainable change? By better understanding the problems at hand and the people facing them. That’s what makes the design thinking strategy such a natural fit with change management.

To talk about design thinking and how it can be a power for good in your efforts to enact change, Holly Chasan-Young joins me on today’s episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. Holly is the founder and CEO of Wonderbolt Labs and has spent time at Capital One, doing product discovery and design strategy.



Let’s Talk About It: Impactful Leadership in Times of Change

Sep 7, 2021


On this special episode of Survive & Thrive, Jennifer Ayers discusses the recurring topics that come up with individuals from the podcasts or organizations she has worked with. In times of change, there is an abundance of opportunities for leaders to impact their organizations and employees.


Implementing Strategy: Finding More Success Through Flexible Leadership

Aug 31, 2021

Everyone loves a good strategy but it requires flexible and thoughtful leadership to actually implement it successfully. Not getting honest buy-in from your team is the quickest way to watch a great strategy fail, which can be the catalyst for a leadership change.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Glade Holman joins Jennifer Ayers to discuss implementing strategy in the real world. Glade is the managing director at LearningBridge and the Park LI Group, and has found building ownership and being flexible in his strategy to be the keys to success.

The Power Of People During Times Of Change

Aug 24, 2021

You should never underestimate people. But tapping into the power of people during times of change is far easier said than done. Whether you’re building a compelling case for change, creating buy-in from leadership and below, or simply trying to build confidence; managing to drive your people forward takes a deft hand.

Tammie Pinkston, the vice president of organizational change management at ISG, joins Jennifer to discuss the power of people on this week’s episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. With more than 30 years working in change management, Tammie has seen its evolution and what...

Building The Case For Change With Transparency And Empathy

Aug 17, 2021

No matter how big or small the change, the very first step is building the case for change. As we discussed in both Season 1 and Season 2, that means defining the purpose of the change and the reason people should care. In order to do that successfully and efficiently, you’ll need to get everyone on the same page and marching in the same direction with the same end goal in mind. Easier said than done, right?

That’s the expertise of this week’s guest, Kevin Campbell, the CEO of Syniti, who joins Jennifer Ayers to discuss building the case for change. Kevin shares how he’s been able to relate...

Survive & Thrive Podcast - Season 3 Trailer

Aug 10, 2021

Last season, the Survive & Thrive podcast took you through the eight tenets of change management. This season, we have some amazing guests and thought leaders on to discuss how they’ve applied these tenets to help their organizations navigate change in real-world scenarios. We’ll learn more about change management, employee engagement, empathy, resilience, building meaning, and so much more. 

While we’ve survived the pandemic, we now must learn to thrive in its wake.

The 8 Tenets Of Successful Change Management: A Season 2 Recap

Aug 3, 2021

In Season 2 of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayres took you through the 8 tenets to drive meaningful, impactful, and sustainable change in an organization. In our Season 2 recap, Jennifer reviews each tenet and recalls what past guests had to say.

From defining the core pillars of change management and the importance of each to successfully navigating them in real-world scenarios, this season’s guests have brought special insight and experience that simply shouldn’t be missed.

Recognize, Reward, Repeat: Motivating Through Recognition

Jul 27, 2021

Learning how to motivate people is a foundational tenet of change management. You can’t create an organizational culture or deal with a sudden and unexpected change well if people aren’t properly motivated.

While that might seem like an easy task, organizations get it wrong far too often. However, by recognizing and having empathy for what people are going through and rewarding the behaviors you want to see, you’re on the right path for motivation.

To discuss motivation, Steve Van Valin joins Jennifer Ayres once again on the Survive & Thrive podcast. He gives real-world examples of...

Making It Stick: Creating An Organization Ready For Change

Jul 20, 2021

As we learned throughout the coronavirus pandemic, change is constant. So, how do you make changes stick? To do it right, you’ve got to start at the very beginning and create a change-adapted organization that can stay resilient.

Kelli Skaff joins Jennifer Ayres on this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast to talk about how and why organizations should create an internal change management function. Kelli is a change management expert, handling major changes like system integration, finance process design, setting up shared-service models, and so much more.

Using Readiness Metrics To Gauge Progress And Find Problems

Jul 13, 2021

When implementing a change, how do you know if it’s successful or creating more problems than it’s solving? If you’re smart, you’re using change management metrics to gauge progress, what success looks like, how the change is impacting employees, and finding critical problems before they blow up in your face.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayres is joined by Jigar Shah to discuss the importance of change management metrics and what organizational leaders should be measuring in the first place. Jigar is a strategic advisor at Concinnity, focusing on helping...

Using Change Plans To Chart The Course

Jul 6, 2021

Any well-executed change begins with a great change plan. That’s what we’re discussing on this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast. 

Kristel Kurtz, a strategic advisor at Concinnity, joins Jennifer Ayres on this episode to discuss the importance of change plans in change management. 

A great change plan will think about the who, how, and why of a proposed change to have a better understanding of what will be needed and the potential hurdles along the way. Jennifer and Kristel break down why change plans are needed, what should go into one, and what blindspots organizations need to be...

Bracing For Impact: The Importance Of Thinking About Change Impact

Jun 29, 2021

It can be so easy to view change from a distance and miss how that change impacts each and every person and facet of an organization. Not thoroughly thinking about how change impacts at the individual level can create additional challenges or even derail a project well before it’s finished.

Samantha Collins, a Concinnity partner, joins Jennifer Ayres to define change impact and discuss its importance when planning a change within an organization.

Messaging Matters: The Impact Of Great Business Messaging On Change

Jun 22, 2021

No matter how big or small of a change, it can only really happen if you’ve got great business messaging in the first place. From perceived gaps in the plan to a lack of buy-in from leadership and staff, poor communication can create a host of issues that can make change management downright impossible.

To discuss the merits of good business messaging and communication, Jennifer Ayres is joined once again by Lisa Insley. Lisa and Jennifer break down the importance of communication and how to be a better communicator.

The Importance Of Knowing Your Audience When Enacting Change

Jun 15, 2021

Whether you’re in the initial planning stages or firmly in the middle of enacting change within your organization, knowing your audience is critical to success. If you don’t know who is being impacted and how; you’ll face major hurdles along the way and struggle to get the type of buy-in needed. On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayres is joined by Jeff Bone, a partner at Concinnity, to talk about the importance of knowing your audience.

Change Management: Building The Case For Change

Jun 8, 2021

In order to start enacting change, you have to build the case for change. No matter if it’s a positive or negative change, a small or large company, or anything in between; doing a little initial homework can put the right wheels in motion. In the first episode of Season 2, Jennifer Ayres is joined by Lisa Insley, a partner at Concinnity to discuss how leaders can build the case for change and start guiding an organization through it.

Survive & Thrive - S2E0 - Coming Soon - An Overview of Eight Tenets to drive Change in an Organization

Jun 1, 2021

Welcome to Season Two!  This season, my partners and I will walk you through eight tenets to drive meaningful, impactful, and sustainable change in an organization.  Starting next week, we’ll explore each of these tenets at a high level over 8 weeks, and then, we’ll take a deeper dive into each one to really understand why it’s important and how to put some of these principals into practice.  We’ll share some of our own personal experiences from the hundreds of clients we’ve helped and invite other professionals to our show to share their stories on what worked, what didn’t work, and what...

What We Learned About Resiliency: A Survive & Thrive Season 1 Recap

May 25, 2021

After more than a year of the coronavirus pandemic, what have we learned? That’s the very question host Jennifer Ayres aims to answer as she looks back at the first season of the Survive & Thrive podcast.

In the Survive & Thrive Season 1 finale, Jennifer takes a look back at the 19 guests and 19 stories she helped to tell in order to find the common themes and lessons learned. There was an amazing amount of resilience shown as people and businesses faced unprecedented crises due to COVID-19. But what makes up resilience and how can we nurture that trait after the pandemic is over and life...

Nurturing Our Sense Of Humanity In Order To Survive And Thrive

May 18, 2021

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was felt worldwide. But by looking at and learning from what happened and how people responded to it, we can get a far better idea of where to go from here. However, one thing that became obvious was the need to continue to nurture our sense of humanity and take better care of one another.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayres sits down with world thought leader Dr. Partha Ghosh. Dr. Ghosh is known as an innovator of business and economic models, advising business and government leaders around the world. Jennifer and Dr. Ghosh...

Reducing Employee Burnout Through Wellness

May 11, 2021

No one is immune to stress and the effects it can have on the body and mind. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major stressor for a lot of people, leading to a sharp increase in employee burnout as the lines between work and home have blurred. As both individuals and companies are beginning to pay closer attention to wellness, it’s imperative we discuss the importance of wellness -- both physical and mental -- and how to improve it.

To provide her insight into wellness and share some things you can do to improve it, Danielle Day joins Jennifer and the Survive & Thrive podcast...

The Power Of Introspection To Create Personal And Professional Growth

May 4, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic was a time of change for everyone. But for Devin Basinger, it was an even bigger one as he decided to leave the company he founded and join another startup right as the pandemic was starting.  

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer Ayres is joined by Devin Basinger to talk about his experiences founding and eventually leaving his company Deep Bench, joining the startup H1, and how he’s applied the lessons he’s learned along the way to find personal and professional growth.

Finding Purpose, Caring, And Building Trust

Apr 27, 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people began to reflect more on their lives, their relationships, how they spend their time, and finding purpose in their work. While everyone dealt with a massive amount of change throughout the pandemic, having to quickly pivot in their personal and professional lives, there could be even more change on the horizon as people begin looking for new opportunities to do more meaningful work that aligns with their purpose.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer is joined by Dr. Robert Sicora to discuss finding purpose, cultivating a sense of...

Diversity Hiring: Elevating Women In The Workplace

Apr 20, 2021

While the COVID-19 pandemic was hard on just about everyone, it also helped provide some introspection. With so much upheaval over the last year in processes and even organizational hierarchy; many companies have been making strides to become more inclusive. However, not enough has been done to boost women’s voices, especially minority women, when thinking about diversity hiring practices.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer is joined by Trish Torizzo, the CEO of Triple Hill Consulting and Ascentiya. Trish shares her story, going from being the CIO at Hologic at the...

Embracing Change: How Rackspace Handled The COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 13, 2021

Whether we like it or not, change happens in life. Unfortunately, no one could have predicted the amount of change we’d all have to go through with the COVID-19 pandemic. On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Ed Skowronski -- the vice president of solution services at Rackspace Technology -- joins Jennifer to discuss embracing change.

What Is Change Management: The Science And Art Of Change

Apr 6, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic reinforced that the one constant in life is change itself. On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Bas Zwart -- an executive at Johnson and Johnson -- joins Jennifer to discuss developing and implementing change management solutions.

Bas’s experience in a variety of HR leadership roles has given him plenty of practice navigating teams through change. From determining what is change management to its role throughout the pandemic and even beyond, Bas’s insight is an invaluable tool for any business looking to be proactive about developing sustainable change...

Using Automation In Business To Improve Productivity

Mar 30, 2021

When most people think about automation in business, they conjure up ideas of robots taking someone’s job, but that’s not always the case. In fact, automating mundane and annoying tasks can be a great way to free up time for far more valuable and fun work, increasing productivity and job satisfaction. 

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Marilyn Krichko -- the automation leader at Spectrum Brands and co-author of “The Rowers’ Code” -- joins Jennifer to talk about the power of automation in business and its uses, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Using Voice Technology To Create A Better Experience

Mar 23, 2021

Smart assistants are everywhere now -- in things like lightbulbs, speakers, headphones, and mobile devices. As people have begun to embrace and experiment with all that voice technology has to offer to their daily lives, the need for custom solutions to create a better human experience has come with it. That’s where this episode’s guests come in.

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, Jennifer is joined by Lisa Insley and Jason Fields. Lisa is a partner and expert in helping clients create a more compelling human experience at Concinnity while Jason is the chief strategy officer...

Customized Employment: The Benefits of Flexibility

Mar 16, 2021

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the flexibility of a work-at-home schedule has been a welcome change for many employees as they try to handle both home and work. It’s also been a massive boon for employers, seeing their staff work more hours thanks to the increased flexibility. However, with companies opening back up, customized employment is in high demand and very much needed.

Jess Podgajny joins Jennifer to talk about her new company LLUNA and how it’s making it easier for businesses to implement and manage customized employment options. From work schedules, take-home pay, time off...